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Facts or Fabels?

In its anniversary year, the Bavaria brewery reveals controversial family stories in which craftsmanship, close family ties and passion for beer prevail. As with family stories, the stories of the Swinkels family have also been thickened and passed on with humor, from generation to generation. Is it true that so much beer was sold during the carnival of '77 that there was not a drop of beer left in all of the South Netherlands? And what is the story of the hellish tornado that ravaged Lieshout in the summer of '73 and threatened to destroy the brewery?

In the campaign "Family Facts or Fables?" members of both the 6th and 7th generation of the Swinkels family give a glimpse into the kitchen of the brewery, with videos in which richly illustrated animations bring their personal anecdotes to life. We produced the complete 360 campaign for Bavaria: Illustrations for cans, photography, 6” and 10” and 15”teasers/ads, all leading to four longform films.
Hugo Goudswaard directed the life action video’s. All illustrations were done by Eduardo Bertone and animation was led by Manuel Ferrari.

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