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I’m a creative production director with more than twenty years experience in managing design, digital, animation and film projects, for both agencies and brands. As former partner of two creative production companies I have originated ideas and handled all aspects of production. I’m an organizer with creative outbursts, an analyst and a problem solver with practical insights. I creatively develop anything you throw at me. Give it a shot.


I received my Master degree in Art and Media Management in 2006 at the School of Arts Utrecht. By then I already founded creative production agency “Buro Knapzak” together with Marcel Vrieswijk. 

Three years later, after working together on numerous award-winning projects with designer and director Martijn Hogenkamp, we decided to partner up and we founded design and animation studio PlusOne. 

In 2016, after 10 years of partnership, I decided to go further as a freelance creative producer. After a year of jobs for both brands and  agencies as producer and director, I was hired by Artbox to lead the production team and the animation studio to be. Besides I consulted on business strategy, transforming Artbox from a representation agency to a creative production agency.

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