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Centre for Creation

I was hired by Artbox in 2017 to set up an in-house animation studio and to lead the production team. Artbox was founded in 1976 as an illustration representation agency. They evolved over the years representing artists in all disciplines and adding production to their services, but to be frank the organization, roster, branding, strategy and even the office, definitely needed an update.

Soon I became involved in the entire organization, and helped to transforming it from a representation agency to a modern creative production agency.  
In the years that followed we've updated the roster of international artists, updated the branding, created a manifesto and professionalized the organization on all points. And yes indeed, renovated the office too.

Artbox office.jpg

We are a creative agency, production company and representation agency with over 40 years experience in advertising. We are a team of diverse thinkers, creators and connectors who like to engage consumers and motivate action through visual storytelling and high end imagery. In our spare time we like to organize events to inspire, foster conversations and promote art and its creators. We are the centre for creation. since 1976.

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