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Robin Wood

Every serving comes with a price

At Artbox we get quite a few request for award project. Gold ideas from agencies, which to be honest often are not that golden. But sometimes they are, and sometimes it's for a cause you want to serve.  As a vegetarian and wannabee vegan, this was one of those.

Every serving comes with a price: Beef is one of the main causes for the destruction of our natural forests.


Serviceplan Campaign X came up with the superb (gold) idea to create a series of stunning visuals of delicious beef, but then if you take a closer look you see that it’s not beef, but cleared land and destroyed forests.

Photographer and image manipulation artist Fulco Smit Roeters did a fantastic job executing this idea.

A steak, ribs and patty burger are served! Will you still enjoy it? Robin Wood was happy to use the campaign. Hopefully it will harvest many awards.

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